5 Popular Genres Of Writing Paperbacks

A book is a written medium for recording private information in the format of the text or illustrations, usually bound together and enclosed by a hardcover. The technical term for this binding arrangement is codex. The term bookbinding comes from the Greek word billion meaning “a book bound”. In old English the term was “biblisc”, derived from the same root but applied to a more general purpose, “a book of bibles”. Bookbinding is an early form of binding, dating from ancient times.


The most common types of book genres are fiction (fiction books), non-fiction (biography, history, sociology, etc. ), reference (encyclopedia, encyclopedias, textbooks, etc. ), medical/dental (medical/dental books, textbooks on diseases), and Christian (bible, saint’s sermons, and hymnbooks). The word genre itself denotes the type of content, that is, the literary or the non-literary genre. Following are some of the common categories used to classify various genres of books:

Mystery, fantasy, science fiction, thriller, mystery, and crime are the most popular mystery/thriving genres. Mystery stories are usually set in cities, woods or other scenic locales with clues leading the readers to the main character (the central character of the story), the main or central thesis statement, and the main or central climax. This thesis statement could be a murder mystery, a soap opera, a love story, or a whodunit.

Mystery novels are generally set in places that have their own distinct aura. Authors use this to entice the readers into reading the book. Themes are also a major part of this genre. They can be a murder mystery, a caper, a fairy tale, or even a psychological suspense. The main purpose of the author using this genre is to throw the reader off guard and create a sense of intrigue in them. Themes are usually related to the primary purpose of the story, though not limited to it.

Suspense novels are normally set in dark or mysterious areas. These are generally written as thrillers. There may be moments when the primary character is in danger, but the main character must escape before time runs out. Some of these genres however, are written as a form of literature instead of a thriller. They contain narrations, descriptive passages, and other literary devices to give the readers an idea of the plot of the novel.

Supernatural novels take place in places that are completely different from our reality. Supernatural novels usually involve paranormal beings, spirits, or entities that interact with the main characters. There are no coincidences or hidden agendas in these types of books.