Book Structure – How Readers See a Story Novel

A book is a written medium for recording details in the shape of text or images, usually composed of several pages bound together with a cover and closed by a table. The technical term for such physical arrangement is codice. The pages of a book are referred to as text pages while those under the covers are called manuscript pages. The bound pages or sections of a book are referred to as the leaves or corners of the book. The term illustration in relation to book refers to the drawing or example showing a part of a large page. Illustrations may also refer to drawings or models of an object used as a model in a book.


Book printing involves the process of reproducing an in print copy of any book whether it is published or not, by using ink rollers, engravers, or printers. The first copy made is called the printing copy. After the printing process is complete, the reproduced copy is referred to as first-hand or first Edition. The printing on the book does not stop with just printing the text. It includes the making of any required modifications, including adding pictures, sketches, or designs. Any part of the original which has not been printed, is referred to as an illustration.

After the illustrations have been added, they can be inserted into the book according to the style of the publishing house. Illustrations are added to a book according to the following basic parts. The first basic part is the title page or title. The title page contains the name of the publisher, the name of the author, and the subject matter of the book.

The next part is called the introduction. The introduction is used by the publisher to attract the attention of readers and to indicate the purpose of the book. It may also contain acknowledgements. If the book includes a preface, the section of the title page called the preface is usually reserved for this.

The third part is called the table of contents. The table of contents indicates where each part of the book is located in relation to the other parts. This allows the reader to reach the desired information easily. In addition, the table of contents can indicate where a specific word or phrase is located. For instance, the foreword may be found after the introduction.

The last part is known as the dedication. This is the part of the book that includes the name of the editor, the date, and the page number of each chapter. If there are footnotes included in the dedication, the date is indicated along with the page number(s). The dedication of a book may look like a short story novel because it uses short phrases, vivid images, and action words that can communicate a meaning quickly.