Popular Art Forms

Art is an expansive spectrum of human activities relating to visual sense, beauty, emotion, technical skill, or creative imagination. It is usually classified by the medium used to create it: painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and music. Each medium has its own distinctive characteristic and contribution to art. In addition, every art form differs in relation to time, place, and people who actually use it.

Classical Art deals with the visual arts of Europe that includes architecture, paintings, pottery, and furniture. The visual arts were considered so vast and influential that the term “classical” was reserved for works that were specifically related to the visual arts. Examples of classical art include the Architrave of Nimes, the L’ Architrave de la Plage, and the Monogram of Segovia. Classical art mostly focused on the natural world or things that we see around us. It is also related to the beauty of objects and their appearance in nature, and on man’s ability to make such objects beautiful.

Renaissance Art pertains to the artistic works created during the period of renaissance in Europe. The main subjects of these works were politics, religion, and human nature. It is also regarded as the highest form of fine arts because of the complexity and beauty involved in the works. Famous items of this type are The Artist’s Collection, The Artist’s Tomb, The Furniture of the Sistine Chapel, The Ratio Optica, and Painted Vitreous.

Impressionist Art can be described as a style of painting and drawing that employing certain techniques similar to those employed by the Romanticists but who are much earlier. Some Impressionist painters and artists are Cubists such as Picasso, Manet, and Fauvism such as Renoir and Monet. The style of this art is characterized by quick movements and unusual color combinations. Examples of Impressionist artwork include Seascapes, Delicate Objects, and The Night Cafe.

Post-Impressionist paintings and sculptures are those created after World War I. The main focus of this art is the use of colors, light, and texture instead of realism. Some Post-Impressionist artists are Picasso, Dali, and Monet. Examples of Post-Impressionist artwork are The Thinker, The Night Cafe, Cezanne Piece, and Seascapes.

Synthetic Art is an art form that imitates any existing form such as painting or sculpture. However, it is impossible to imitate a completely original work so a lot of research goes into the making of this kind of art. Famous examples of synthetic art are sculptures by Manet, Renoir, Chares, Goya, and Edger. A nice addition to any home are pieces from the collections of Mary Cassatt and Thomas Moran.