Successful Communication of Feelings by Art

Art is the collective form of human creative activity involving visual imagination, artistic creativity, technical skill, aesthetic beauty, physical ability, or other emotional ability to bring to life an idea, a creation, an object, or a structure. Art has been considered one of the most important aspects of human existence since the earliest days. It has been used in every civilization for aesthetic, religious, and political purposes. Art has given humans the ability to communicate their messages across time and distance by creating paintings and sculptures that are both beautiful and functional. The impact of art on society has been profound, especially in ancient societies where artistic expression was an important part of everyday life.


Art comes in various forms, but the most common form of art is painting. Other important forms of art include drawing, architecture, music, pottery, and sculpture. Painting has provided humankind with the means to express their feelings and to share their thoughts. Paintings and sculptures also have the ability to convey unique and powerful feelings, to create beauty and stimulate the senses. Since the beginning of civilization, people have been expressing their thoughts and feelings through art.

The ancient peoples expressed their feelings through music, poetry, dance, and drama. Pictures were used to portray emotions in stories and religious plays. In the earliest civilizations, architecture developed as the primary means of expressing architectural beauty and religious sentiments. Sculptures and paintings played a key role in human activity. They provided a medium for the expression of pain and joy, sorrow and happiness, and other feelings that could not be expressed through words or written materials.

Art began to evolve in the Early Archaic Period, from the beginnings of art to the classical period, which saw the rise of the great temples and palaces. In these times, architecture, painting, music, and sculpture were developing to support the highly developed irrigation systems that fed the large cities. People started to use pottery and bricks for building material. Paintbrushes were first used as a means of expressing their art forms during the Classic Age. The development of architecture, painting, and sculpture during the Classical Age led to the development of fine arts, like Greek Mythology, Roman theater, and Gothic architecture. In the Renaissance Period, art forms became more sophisticated, and people began to experiment with new ways of presenting their works of art.

Art thus has always been a part of human life, and it has always been a reflection of how a person feels. The evolution of art has been one of the major events in the history of mankind. Since art transmits messages in the form of feelings, it is important for one to be aware of the importance of his art and its messages.

To be an artist, one must learn to listen carefully to what he feels about the events of his day. He must then put those feelings into his art to be able to successfully communicate them to the audience. Through his art, an artist can give the audience the message of his feelings towards certain events or things. Through his art, the artist can make people understand the message that he is trying to convey.